About Dr. Black

Peter M. Black, MD, PhD, FACS, FAANS, Is an Internationally Acclaimed Neurosurgeon with MetroWest Medical Center in Natick, Massachusetts

Black2A Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Dr. Peter M. Black provides complex neurosurgery care at MetroWest Medical Center in Natick, Massachusetts, located at the Leonard Morse Hospital. A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Black features an impressive number of brain tumor operations exceeding a staggering 5,000 procedures. Showing a special interest in minimally invasive image-guided neurosurgery, he is considered a valuable expert in neurological disorders such as pituitary tumors, meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, gliomas, skull base tumors, metastatic tumors, and other tumors. However, Dr. Peter M. Black is also a specialist in hydrocephalus and selected spine disorders. In addition to the hands-on aspects of his being a neurosurgeon, he is also a professor of Neurosurgery Emeritus at Harvard Medical School. While he is internationally and nationally recognized for his achievements and knowledge in neurosurgery throughout 42 years of career, he is also known for his contribution as founding chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and former Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital.For more information about Dr. Peter M. Black, please visit www.peter-black1.info.

MetroWest Medical CenterMetroWest Medical Center is an affiliate of MetroWest Physician Services, a multispecialty group comprised of many conveniently located offices to make it easy for patients to travel to and from appointments. MetroWest Physician Services has developed substantially over the past several years and expanded their medical services and locations based upon the needs of their patients and communities to create a responsive neighborhood health-care system. MetroWest Physician Services is on a mission to provide superior health care with compassion, respect and excellence.The Group differentiates itself by providing high-quality comprehensive health care, ensuring service excellence, being the physician group of choice, and meeting patients’ emotional and physical needs. MetroWest Medical Center is a regional health-care system that partners with Tufts Medical Center and also includes Framingham Union Hospital, Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick and The MetroWest Wellness Center, an outpatient diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation center located in Framingham. Partnerships make it easy for patients to access additional specialty services and physicians through their diagnostic referrals when the need arises. For more information about MetroWest Medical Center and MetroWest Physician Services, please visit www.metrowestphysicians.com.

World federation of neurological socitiesDr. Peter M. Black is a veteran healthcare professional who received a solid medical education as a student at McGill University in Montreal. Established in 1821, the University is a public research university with a main campus set at the foot of Mount Royal in Downtown Montreal and a second campus sited in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue on the island of Montreal. As he graduated in 1970 and obtained his medical degree, Dr. Black continued his professional journey into the medical world with his neurosurgery residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States. Certified in neurosurgery by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons, he remains an active member of the Society of Neurological Surgery, Society of University Neurosurgeons, and Academy of Neurosurgeons. Dr. Peter M. Black credits his success to hard work, dedication, and having been surrounding by nice people. In his time off work, he enjoys music and traveling. For more information about Dr. Peter M. Black, please visit www.peter-black1.info.

LPW - smallIn recognition of his remarkable performance in the exigent and highly demanding medical branch of neurosurgery, Dr. Peter M. Black has been selected for inclusion into The Leading Physicians of the World, a premier publication of the International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP). The president and founder of the World Federation of Neurological Societies, Dr. Black is an award-winning neurosurgeon, including the Distinguished Service Award of the Joint Section on Tumors from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, to mention one of the most impressive distinction. Voted multiple times among Best Doctors in Boston and Best Doctors in America, he is also the recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award. His career also highlights him as a prolific author of more than 500 papers and 7 books on neurological disorders and their treatment. He serves on the editorial boards of multiple journals both nationally and internationally. For more information about Dr. Peter M. Black, please visit www.peter-black1.info.

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